Portable UVC Sterilizer OPEN-NY


  1. Destroys viruses and bacteria
  2. Kills 99% of microorganisms
  3. Works in 5 seconds or less
  4. Use on multiple surfaces
  5. Powerful LED technology
  6. UVC-Rated Eye Protection Included
  7. Personalize with your logo – we will contact you by email

Bulk purchase discount – 3 or more, $100 off per unit.
For orders over 10 units call us for pricing – 1-855-559-7279.



Neutralize microorganisms with the FASTEST hand-held UVGI sterilizer!

This commercial-grade ultraviolet germicidal irradiation product is laboratory tested to effectively disinfect objects without the need for consumable cleaning agents. It utilizes proprietary and state-of-the-art UVC semiconductor diodes to output a high-power, 275nm ultraviolet light that inactivates the DNS and RNA of microorganisms, such as mold, bacteria, and viruses.
This product is for commercial use only and is not designed for use in the home. Keep out of reach of children.








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