Beautification Systems using TW 360hd Protective Film

We’re here to be your partner and guide through the beautification process. We work with municipalities and organizations to source local artists and help customize the art to your city structures using our graffiti-proof film. Then, our team of TrafficWrapz™ Certified Installers will implement your designs at the manufacturer’s facility or on existing structures on-site.


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  • Patent-pending engineered film with limitless application
  • Graffiti on graphic wraps wipes off effortlessly with our branded natural cleaner and is compatible with common graffiti cleaners
  • Only company and application recommended by major cabinet manufacturers.


  • TW 360hd clear protectant layer
  • Customized high-definition printing
  • Graffiti-proof
  • UV protectant, fade-resistant & adhesive-resistant
  • Installed by Certified TW Master Installers


  • Can be installed on new utility cabinets at the manufacturer’s facility or can be implemented on existing structures on-site
  • Feature local art or have our design team create a custom high definition graphic for you


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